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Samantha Walker: Motorhome kitchen organization 101

From Samantha Walker’s blog.

So you may have heard that we bought a Motorhome…and I am quickly learning what that means. Like any new home you move into…setting up the kitchen becomes one of the first priorities. It’s no different with a motorhome.

You must use every square inch of space judiciously. Think cubic inches here…find a way to use all of them.

As we’ve been setting up, I found a few do’s and don’ts for my space already. I thought it might be helpful to share a few of those things we are learning along the way…

Must Have item #1
What’s a girl to do to get maximum use out of a single no shelf cupboard. Get inspiration from shoes…yup…that’s right! I got a 3-shelf metal shoe rack from Amazon. And it fits!

Must Have item #2
Now if you know anything about RV’s and traveling down the road with loaded shelves, you must keep things in place somehow, or everything will be off the shelf when you arrive at your destination. I’ll let you in on my favorite grippy little secret.

To read the full story by Samantha Walker, click here.

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