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S News: Livin’ the dream, family style

From the writers at S News.

It all started with a simple question on the way home from a three-day photoshoot.  What if instead of racing home between assignments to mow the lawn and do the laundry, we spent that time together as a family in the wilderness that we so desperately craved?

Over the next few months, as we scrambled from meetings to school events, we did our best to cope with the frantic pace of normal life. But that question began to simmer until we could no longer shove it aside. Needing to slow things down and simplify everything, we began to plan, in earnest, the greatest family adventure of our lives.

When we told our daughter, Abby (then age 9), that we were moving, she expressed the typical concerns of any kid facing change…what about my friends? Where will I go to school? What about all of my toys?

To read the full story by S News, click here.

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