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When RVing, plan for quiet, stress-free downtime

Downtime is a great addition to any vacation.

We know that not everyone travels very often. It’s hard to get away from work, school, sports and all the other daily activities that consumes a family’s life. Before we started traveling full-time, our vacations consisted of non-stop, on-the-go, jam-packed days of sightseeing, attractions and activities.

Most of the time, those crazy vacation days resulted in some pretty terrible break-downs by the kids, but even my wife, Bryanna, and I had our moments.

Expectations are high, the stress of having a great vacation in such a short amount of time adds a lot of pressure on mom and dad. That’s especially true when they know how expensive the vacation is and what it is costing them. There is a lot to deal with.

Unfortunately the kids feel that stress as well and they deal with it the only way they know how — tantrums or break downs.


One of the best ways we’ve found to keep everyone sane while still making it a great vacation is to include some downtime in your vacation plans. You might think, “why would we do that on vacation when we can do that at home for free?”

That’s a great question, but the point of a vacation is usually to relax, spend time together as a family and to grow your bond together. This can still be achieved by just hanging out together in the hotel room, campground or wherever you’re staying.

I’m not suggesting taking full days where you do nothing, it’s more of having chunks of time during each day where you’re not rushing out the door or making a mad dash to the next thing to see or do.

Do things like make breakfast together or, if you’re staying in a cabin, enjoy a campfire. Take time to have your kids show you their latest creations, or go swimming as a family at the hotel pool, or simply come back early, get a pizza and watch a favorite movie together.

Your kids will love that you are giving them undivided attention and that they have time to rest their bodies before or after being out and about. You will love this because you are spending quality time with your kids and doing what they love, too.

So, while you’re planning your next vacation, be sure to add in some free time throughout your day so you can spend some quality downtime with your kids. You will not regret it!

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