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(photo courtesy of Canadian Tourism Commission)
(photo courtesy of Canadian Tourism Commission)

RVers flock to Ontario’s lakes, festivals, sites and cities

Situated in the central section of Canada, just north of Minnesota in the United States and along the Great Lakes, Ontario has the largest population of all the provinces with more than 90 percent of it’s residents living in the southern section.

Most people think of Niagara Falls when they think of Ontario, but there is so much more to this beautiful province with more than 250,000 lakes, many exciting cities and small towns all waiting to be explored.


What do kites, vocal arts, re-enactments, peonies, jazz, rib fests, fireworks, blueberries, potatoes and sheep dogs have in common? Plenty. Each of them provide a reason or topic for the residents of Ontario to host a festival or special event.

With thousands of festivals and special events taking place every year its understandable why this is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. But those who come here in their RVs probably have the most advantage. They can travel along many of the back roads and highways from festival to festival in their RV with all the comforts of home.

Whether you arrive in Ontario in May, June, July, August, September, October or November there will be so many festivals to choose from it will be extremely hard to decide which ones to attend.

Kite festival
Kite festival


June is a good month for those who remember flying kites as a child and appreciate the joy of having a kite soar in the air successfully. Each year the Thunderbay Kite Festival draws a large crowd all eager to attend the many workshops available in anticipation of learning more about the thrill of flying their own kites or just enjoying the colorful kites being flown by the experts.


Canada’s history is a colorful one and the Canadian Confederation was signed on July 1, 1867, so each year people across the country celebrate their national holiday on that day. July 1 is a day of parades, fireworks, and all kinds of festivities for the whole family. Each community has their own celebrations but what better place to enter into the excitement than in the country’s capital city, Ottawa and Parliament Hill.

Ontario - Ottawa
(photo courtesy of Canadian Tourism Commission)


Once the biggest and best potato growing areas in Ontario, Alliston celebrates with a Potato Festival in August that started in 1972. The whole community gets involved in all the activities starting with the big parade on the first day filled with interesting and colorful floats, talented marching bands, clowns and all the excitement you could possibly want. That’s just the start of three-day weekend filled with fun, food, entertainment and old fashioned enjoyment including a car derby and a lumberjack show.


Ontario’s weather can be quite hot during the summer months so September may be one of the best time to visit and there’s many festivals to choose from whether you’re interested in attending the Film Festival in Toronto, the Niagara Wine Festival, the St. George Applefest or the Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival in Meaford.


Canada celebrates their Thanksgiving in October and, since October is harvesting season, what better way to help celebrate it than by attending the Blue Mountains Apple Harvest Festival. Visit a real working honey house, take a carriage ride or get the whole family involved in groove dancing. Three days of exciting fun participating in scavenger hunts, face painting, stilt walking, hula hooping or just enjoying the entertainment that shouldn’t be missed.

Ontario cranberry & wine discovery
(photo courtesy of Canadian Tourism Commission)

Lake Country

Yes, there are more than 250,000 lakes in Ontario, but the region the residents call Lake Country stands out as something special. Just north of Toronto is an area that not only is beautiful, but has a number of lakes, waterways and communities that will provide all the entertainment and recreation everyone who visits will need.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the unlimited potential for adventure including golfing, fishing, cycling, camping, boating, hiking, or just relaxing on one of the beautiful beaches. The Ontario Provincial Police Museum and the historic mill in Coldwater are just a couple of samples of interesting destinations when searching for a bit of Canadian history.


If the city life is more your style then Toronto, the capital of the province should be on your list of places to visit. This dynamic city has many festivals and events happening all year round and no matter what the season it’s an exciting city to be in.

The night life is vibrant with it’s clubs, pubs, restaurants and bright lights everywhere. A day spent touring the many museums, art galleries, concerts, shops or the CN Tower will have you falling in love quickly with this beautiful city.

Canada Niagara Falls Fotolia

Niagara Falls

No visit to Ontario should be without a visit to Niagara Falls where visitors on both sides of the Canadian and American borders can appreciate the magnificence of this natural wonder. One of the best ways to see the falls is by helicopter but experiencing the thunder of the falls as they crash into the water below is probably best experienced in a tour boat.

The transit system in Niagara Falls is superb. So park your RV in one of the local RV Parks and use the bus system to get around without having to worry about parking, traffic or getting lost.

In case you aren’t aware of it this is one of the most popular destinations for couples who want to get married and the local tourism board has information posted just for this on their website.

The War of 1812 was important to both Canada and the community of Niagara Falls and, to commemorate it, the Niagara Falls History Museum has a substantial collection of artifacts from that time and is only a few steps away from the Battle of Lundy’s Lane National Historic Site.

Ontario pumpkin
(photo courtesy of Canadian Tourism Commission)

Plan to take your time so you can appreciate the three galleries, the R.D. Gale War of 1812 Gallery, the Community Exhibitions Gallery and the OPGI Temporary Exhibitions Gallery.

Ontario Attractions

It’s impossible to see everything in Ontario during just one trip but the diversity of the landscape, its interesting cities and beautiful little towns and villages will entice any RVer who is looking for something unique and different. There’s culture, arts, recreation, history, natural attractions, exciting events and thousands of festivals to enjoy each year.

Each region of this large province has something special to offer visitors who are looking for something a bit different than what they’re used to. The choices are unlimited and it will definitely be difficult to choose what to attend but everything is so much fun and interesting there can be no bad choices.


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