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RV Wheel Life: Holiday RV travel with pets, part 2

From the bloggers at RV Wheel Life.

A handful of tips from Amy Burkert of for a comfortable and merry Holiday RV trip with your pets:

1. Your pet’s safety is the first priority. Start by making sure your four-legged friends are secured when traveling down the highway. “Whether you decide to use a crate or carrier that has been fastened in place, or a safety harness that connects to the seat belts in your sofa or dinette, buckling your pet up in your RV is just as important as clicking your own seatbelt,” advised Burkert.

2. The hustle and bustle of travel can be exhausting for everyone. “Be sure your pets have a peaceful place where they can go to relax and get away from it all,” said Burkert.

3. Feed and exercise your pets on their normal schedule. This alone can help reduce their anxiety. “Set an alarm to remind you of the moment your pets are expecting you to feed them,” said Burkert. “Use their daily walks as an opportunity to get a little one-on-one time.”

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