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RV Travel: Surviving a tire blowout

From the bloggers at RV Travel 

“Tire blowout: A rapid loss of inflation pressure of a pneumatic tire leading to an explosion.” – Wikipedia

Having a blowout while driving your car can be a nerve-racking experience. Now, in your mind, put yourself behind the wheel of a motorhome and the gut-wrenching imagery increases exponentially. Still, a blown tire on an RV, regardless of its size or type, is not a “game-ender.” Keeping a cool head and reacting properly can mean a safe — and stable — outcome. It’s a matter of understanding and applying some simple rules.

First, prepare yourself, and your motorhome. Blown tires on RVs are most likely to occur because either the tire was overloaded, or underinflated. It’s wise to weigh EACH tire on your rig to ensure it is not beyond its rated weight. On the road, it’s best to check your tire pressure daily, before you hit the road. Test your tire pressure cold — that is, before you’ve driven on it that day.

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