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RV Travel: Why so few RV boondockers?

From the bloggers at RV Travel

We boondockers find camping outside of campgrounds as normal and comfortable as the rest of our RV lifestyle. When we need to start looking for a campsite for the night, we start looking for side roads leading off into who-knows-where more often than we pull out a campground guide.

We plan our trip routes through national forests, along two-lane roads, over scenic byways, and across BLM land rather than head for popular areas along Interstate highways known to have lots of campgrounds and RV resorts.

In fact, less than 1 in 4 RVers boondock, preferring to stay in organized campgrounds. I’m not sure of the reason, but I would guess that it is for convenience. Why else would RVers prefer to pay their hard-earned money for an organized campground rather than stay at a free or cheap campsite? Or be shoehorned in with other campers when you could have lots of space and privacy instead?

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