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RV Travel: Full-time RVing — If you solo RV, please do this

From the bloggers at RV Travel

Are you a solo RVer? Here’s a “stop and ponder issue” for you.

Every year thousands of RVers descend on the desert southwest, looking forward to a great time of exploration and relaxation. And every year, reports a representative of the Quartzsite, Arizona, fire department, a body is found in the desert, usually of someone who wandered off, got disoriented, and never made it back to their RV.

It turns out, many of these folks were solo RVers, and since there wasn’t anybody “home” waiting for them, nobody put out the cry for help when that RVer vanished. Here’s an immediate thought: If you’re planning on setting out to explore, if you’ve made an acquaintance with someone near your rig, it might be an act of good foresight to let them know you’ll be away for a bit and that you’ll check back in on your return. That way, if something does come up and you can’t make it back, they’ll “have your back.”

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