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7 Tips for RVing with Pets- Infographic

RV Trader: 7 great tips for RVing with pets

From the bloggers at RV Trader.

RVing with pets can be a wonderful experience for you and your beloved furry friends. Here are seven tips to keep in mind when RVing with your pet.

1. Mind the Paperwork

Bring your pet’s health certificate and vaccination records, since many RV parks require you to have them with you in order to enter the grounds. You may also need to contact RV parks that you plan to stay at to make sure they accept your specific kind of pet.

2. Make a List

The essentials like food and water are a no-brainer, of course, but be sure to write down absolutely everything you need for your furry friend, including dishes, leashes, a litter box for your cat, waste bags, treats and toys, exercise pen, cages, a brush and a crate, if needed. Don’t forget medications if your pet takes any.

3. Call Ahead

Get in touch with the RV parks and campgrounds you plan to stop at. Make sure they allow pets, and also ask if they have any rules or regulations regarding pets at their facility. You will also need to call and see if the RV park or campground allows pets such as birds, bunnies and guinea pigs, or if they only let dogs and cats on the grounds.

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