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Cruiser 351MK exterior

RV Trader: 2017 Crossroads Cruiser

From the bloggers at RV Trader.

Let’s face it – most fifth wheels today are cookie-cutter.  Most of them have the same colors (brown, light brown, and a slightly darker shade of brown), floor plans, appliances, etc. and somehow every single one of them is the best. Now that’s hard to believe.

The Crossroads Cruiser doesn’t claim to be the best fifth wheel ever made, but you sure wouldn’t know that if you talked to the folks that owned them. For many of these people, their fifth wheel is their chance to make memories with their most cherished loved ones, and they’ve trusted us to help make those memories happen for them. We never take for granted how personal it is to build someone’s dream.  Every nail, every weld, and every piece of wood is a promise from us to you that we hold this honor in the highest regard.

In the end, it’s not the fifth wheel that makes those starry August nights around the campfire so memorable, or the rainy days in May when you thought you could plan the perfect weekend…and it still turned out to be a perfect weekend – just wetter.  It’s not the fifth wheel that makes those memories, but ask around and you’ll find that it sure doesn’t hurt.

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