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RV tailgating — The best way to enjoy outdoor events

Practically all sporting events, including high school, college and professional levels are likely to have tailgating events and tailgate parties. These festive activities, held before, during and after sport events have spread to concerts, weddings and other diverse activities.

RVs, especially motorhomes and toy haulers, are ideal vehicles for tailgate parties. Modern RVs have virtually everything that is needed for a successful tailgate party. Virtually all RVs have refrigerator, stove, storage, awning, TV and electrical power.

Those with solar systems are especially useful because it is not necessary to operate a generator to provide power for TV and similar appliances. Many large RVs have one or more TVs in the storage compartments that can be viewed from outside the coach.

RVs have become so popular as to be a nearly necessary component of any tailgate party. One or more RVs parked in a cluster at a sporting event may be the focal point for dozens of partygoers. In fact, at college and professional football and basketball games, it is not unusual for many of the tailgate party fans in attendance to stay at the RV, watch the game on TV, drinks several beverages and never enter the stadium.

Notre Dame - Game Day Trailer - Showing the standard center 70" flat screen. Shown with optional dual 60" flat screens wih dual XBOX systems.
Notre Dame – Game Day Trailer – Showing the standard center 70″ flat screen. Shown with optional dual 60″ flat screens wih dual XBOX systems.

Food, drinks and views of the game are easier to obtain at the party than those inside the stadium or arena. Tailgating is done in style and comfort when a RV is involved.

In fact, RV manufacturer Livin’ Lite has developed a special tailgating RV that includes multiple big-screen TVs, bathrooms, a kitchen and bar area. You can learn more about Livin’ Lite’s Game Day travel trailer by clicking here.

While on the faculty at various universities including, but not limited to, University of Georgia, Texas Tech University, University of Southern Colorado, University of Illinois and even at small Manchester College, I have enjoyed some wonderful tailgate parties, complete with fabulous food and drink and diverse fans in attendance. One party at the University of Illinois had more than 100 attendees.

Gorden - Tailgating 2The picture to the left was spotted at one of the primary tailgate party centers at the University of Illinois – Champaign. Colorful decals illustrate and fairly shout “fan support” to all who are nearby.

A negative aspect to the use of RVs for tailgating is that they take up and demand a large amount of parking space. Most sport venues have large parking lots with space for parking thousands of cars, but for only half as many RVs. Therefore it is necessary that parking charges are significantly increased for RVs. Most college and professional venues have an area reserved for RV parking only and charge accordingly.

Is it possible to host a wonderful tailgate party from the tailgate of an SUV, pickup truck, station wagon or even a car? Of course, it is possible, but it is so much more enjoyable to have a nice RV is the centerpiece and focal point at the sports event, concert or even a church picnic.

About Dr. Bob Gorden

Dr. Bob Gorden is an RVer, hiker and writer. He has a PhD in microbial ecology from the University of Georgia in Athens. He is a retired research scientist from the University of Illinois Natural History Survey. He has owned and operated more than 55 RVs of various types, and has visited every state, except Hawaii, in his RV. He also traveled by RV in New Zealand, Canada and Mexico. He currently owns and travels in a 1978 GMC 26-foot Class A and 2013 Thor ACE 30.1 Class A motorhome. He has a compelling desire to be “On the Road Again!”

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