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RV Share: The survival RV you have to see to believe

From the bloggers at RV Share.

Survive! Whether you consider yourself a “prepper” or have a fascination with the impending zombie apocalypse, your primary goal is to survive. Imagine the peace of mind you would enjoy, if you never had to worry about that again.

Meet the ultimate survival RV, the KiraVan. It was designed to travel anywhere on land. With a specially-designed suspension system, it has been rumored to be capable of ascending slopes up to 45-degrees steep. It is able to drive as many as 2,000 miles before refueling. Additionally, at 31-feet long and about 10-feet high, with a security system that rivals those of the wealthiest and most paranoid, the trailer is the real gem.

Bran Ferren is a man of many talents. He is an acclaimed architectural designer, artist, engineer, entrepreneur, inventor, lecturer, light and sound designer, photographer, scientist, technologist, visual effects artist, –oh–and a vehicle designer.

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