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Do It Yourself RV: RVers painting large postcard murals

From the bloggers at Do It Yourself RV

Mural artist Victor Ving and photographer Lisa Beggs live full-time in their RV while traveling across the U.S. creating large letter postcard murals in various cities. Victor is a former graffiti artist born and raised in NY.

After 15 years, Victor became tired of graffiti and decided to use his aerosol skills and style to create public murals. His first postcard mural was in Chinatown, NYC. It was so well-received by the community that he felt compelled to try it in other cities.The popular 1930s postcards that inspired the Greetings Tour.Wiki

At the time, Victor didn’t realize he was unconsciously referencing the 1930s-50s “Greetings From” large letter postcards. But this inspired him and Lisa to start collecting these postcards from antique stores. Soon the Greetings Tour project was born with Lisa’s help.

To read the full story by Do It Yourself RV, click here.

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