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RV Picklers: Reading while you drive

From the bloggers at RV Picklers.

When we are traveling, particularly on days that we might be driving 200 to 300 miles, we listen to books.  They used to be books on tape or CD’s, but now due to the brilliance of the internet and audio downloads we listen to books stored on our iPods attached to our RV’s radio.

Since we are frugal, we would argue we are resourceful, we don’t pay for these books.  If we wanted to do that we could utilize a service such as Audiobooks but at $14.95 a month, for only one book, this seemed kind of pricey to the girl who hung out at the library every Saturday morning growing up.

So instead we utilize a service available to most library card holders and download the books prior to our trip or when we have access to a high-speed internet connection.

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