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RV Pickler: I can fly

From the bloggers at RV Picklers.

When I was a little girl I read a book called I Can Fly.  It was an easy book, along the lines of See Spot Run.  Despite the title it was not the classic written by Ruth Krauss, but rather a book about a young girl that defies her parents’ wishes and takes flying lessons.  Pretty progressive for 1960.  (If my mother reads this, she will most likely be shaking her head.) Anyway, I recalled my love for this book today as we visited our fourth exhibit of war time planes in the past ten days. Odd, I never knew I was interested in planes or military history for that matter.

We continued our journey west on I-10 today.  Fortunately we had a reservation for the night in Las Cruces, so we were only looking at about 250 miles.  But we needed to stretch our legs near El Paso and started discussing the options.  The scenic drive?  Won’t exactly allow us to stretch our legs. The Holocaust Museum? Certainly a worthy contender, but can affect one’s mood for the rest of the day.  It was then that we saw a billboard for the War Eagles Air Museum, and our decision was made.

Just 8 miles off Exit 8, twenty miles from downtown El Paso, we found a perfect respite from our drive. The museum was started by John and Betty MacGuire, both pilots themselves, who had amassed quite a collection of “warbirds”.   They were also car enthusiasts, and El Paso residents.  They choose to build the museum next to the Dona Ana County Airport, just across the Texas-New Mexico state line.

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