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RV Open Road: The secret to RVing with a baby

From Tina Herschberger, a blogger at RV Open Road:

I did not go camping as a kid. My mom always said her idea of camping was a hotel without a hot tub. Fast forward to the present — I have a husband who did grow up camping and has worked in the RV industry for 9 years.

I am now presented with the opportunity to go camping regularly. Since this camping is in motorhomes and not tents, I’m all in. But I had one big concern before our first trip — we have an infant son, and I just didn’t know how camping with a baby would work.

On any given day at home we use a rock ‘n play, swing, activity mat, crib, ExerSaucer and stroller to contain and entertain little Simon, but I can’t take all of those camping, right?! So before we headed out on our first RVing trip with Simon, I started looking on Pinterest for blog posts about camping with a baby to get a better idea of what I really needed. I started compiling a packing list.

To read the full story, including Tina’s Top 10 must-have items for camping with a baby, click here.


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