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Cooking Across America by RV

RV Open Road: Cooking across America by RV

From the bloggers at RV Open Road:

Cooking in your RV might seem like a daunting exercise in patience. It requires maneuvering in small spaces, with limited counter space and fewer unnecessary tools. So, stock up on essentials, like skillets, sauté pans and a stockpot. If an item hasn’t been used within a year, and it’s not seasonal (no one expects you to use those Christmas cookie cutters in July), donate it so your pasta maker can find its forever home.

The best part of cooking on the road is that you can transform the mundane task of grocery shopping into an adventure in its own right. Farmers markets are an affordable alternative to grocery stores to buy fresh produce, dairy and meats. By eliminating a third-party distributor, you can source fresh eggs straight from the hen. It’s also a great way to find unusual local delicacies and tackle new ingredients for recipes.

A great resource for finding farmers markets around the country is through the U.S. Department of Agriculture website.

To read the full story at RV Open Road, and snatch a recipe for seafood and vegetable paella, click here.


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