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RV Now: Upgrading your RV TV

From the bloggers at RV Now.

For many having a TV in the RV is unnecessary because they take the RV out on weekends and vacation, spending most of their time outdoors. However many RVers have come to rely on their TVs for entertainment, whether it be using a video game console and playing games like Wii bowling, viewing rented DVD movies or just watching regular TV programming.

Since the switch to HDTV broadcasting we have been forced to a decision – get a converter box or a new TV that has one built in.

It was a no-brainer for me since I did not like the behemoth TV that came with our motorhome. It stuck out into the entryway and made surprise attacks on unsuspecting heads on numerous occasions.The new televisions are thinner, lighter and have a much better picture quality than a comparable sized older television. I measured where I wanted to put my new TV and went shopping. I chose a 25 inch LCD HDTV which would fit nicely in the place of my old TV. Some remodeling of the overhead console was required and if you have moderate woodworking skills you can easily do this job. If not, you can pay several thousand dollars and have an RV specialty shop do it for you. Excluding the price of the TV, my cost for materials was under $100 for this project.

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