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RV Love: Survey results are in

From the bloggers at RV Love.

You’ve been getting to know us over the past couple of years via our website, YouTube Channel and social media and it was high time we got to know you better too, to help us help you, by creating create even more and better content. We had so many questions: What kind of RVer are you? What stage are you at in your RV journey? What kind of content are you most interested in? How do you like to consume this content? What age group are you in? And you answered – big time!

When we put out our “call for help” short survey, we were hoping to get a minimum of 500 responses, ideally 1,000. Well, you guys are awesome! You knocked it out of the park! Thank you so very much for taking the time and energy to share your responses which will help us improve and evolve to the next level.

We received over 1,500 responses and wanted to share the stats and key insights with you. But first, we wanted to share a little more background to give you a broader understanding of us, where we are at and what we hope to be able to do for you.

To read the full story by RV Love, click here.

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