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RV Living: Painting the interior of the RV

From the bloggers at RV Living.

When it comes to painting my husband and I had little to no experience before we began the adventure it was to paint the RV.  However, all that means, is it was a great time for learning. We did learn a lot about painting and also about painting RV’s specifically. I am hoping in writing all of this I can help anyone who might be wanting to paint an RV in the future to not make a few of the mistakes we made.

The first thing to take into consideration when painting is what surfaces you’re painting because that will determine the kind of paint and rollers you should buy. The RV the walls are a lot like an airplane’s walls so it would need a good paint that wouldn’t peal off. After a lot of research and a good long talk with a lady in the paint department of Home Depot we found just the stuff to use.

The blue and white are what we bought. The dark brown was just to show what color the cabinets in the RV. Just these 2 gallons were enough to paint the entire camper twice (we did each wall with 2 layers) and still have some left over.

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