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RV Life: Three dry camping tips

From the bloggers at RV Life

Their first RV dry camping experience wasn’t as dramatic as an episode of “Survivor.” But when Cija and Dave’s Lake Mead National Recreation Area adventure endeavor ended, the Oregon couple learned more than they expected about living in a self-contained RV. After two weeks in the desert, they summed it up in three critical desert camping tips for new RVers.

Three critical dry camping tips for newbies

After selling their home in Portland, Cija and Dave lived in their RV for almost a year. While hooked up to shore power, they renovated the motorhome until it was time to head south for the winter in October 2016. Just a few weeks later, the couple unplugged for the first time. The couple quickly became well-acquainted with the limits of their RV’s holding tanks, batteries and propane capacity.

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