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RV Life: RV inspections, lemon laws and your next rig

From the writers at RV Life.

The couple pulled into the RV dealership with big smiles on their faces. After a year of searching online, their dream RV was sitting in a mechanics bay, getting cleaned up and ready to go. Today they would write a check and leave with the rig on an all-new adventure.

The two full-timers thought they had done their homework. They had already owned a RV by the same manufacturer and spent the last year talking to other owners and researching the model’s pros and cons. When they finally saw the RV, it was exactly as they imagined – except for one small but curious patch on outside of the slide out’s inner wall. The service manager said he had no idea why it was there.

The couple thought it over and purchased the rig anyways. Then, about a month later when the first heavy rainfall hit and water dripped inside the rig down along the slide out, they realized why the patch was there. Clearly the previous owner had hit something with the slide. The impact was so hard it threw the slide out off kilter, causing a gap between the RV frame and the slide ceiling. After many hours researching a solution, the husband was able to fix the problem by readusting the rail timing adjustment. During the ordeal the couple couldn’t help wondering, is this something that a RV inspector could have caught before the sale?

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