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RV Life Magazine: Sail on the Titanic

From the writers at RV Life Magazine.

On a recent visit to Branson, Mo., Lee and I were guests of the Titanic Museum. While we have toured the Titanic many times since it opened in Branson in 2006, each visit weaves its own spell of nostalgia, history, heartbreak, and triumph.

We enter the replica of the famous luxury liner as guests, but we leave as Titanic passengers. Upon arrival, each guest receives the boarding pass and a brief bio of a passenger or crew member—a real person who sailed on that fateful voyage.

For a walk through history, we become that person. Sometimes, we have been a first class passenger; other times, a second or third class. It does not matter. We experience the ship as that individual—and we do not know until the end of our tour if we survived or perished.

To read the full story in RV Life Magazine, click here.

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