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RV Life Magazine: Owls and cows

From the writers at RV Life Magazine.

In last week’s installment we visited little known Muddy Creek Falls and Canyon in Montana.

Prior to visiting the canyon and falls we and our friends dropped our travel trailers at a boondocking campsite on BLM land near Bynum Reservoir.

Not wanting to cause any of you grief with a game warden, I am not going to share the location as the boundaries of where the BLM land ends and Montana Department of Fisheries begins is difficult to ascertain and the rules between the two administering agencies differ. Plus, what is “on” the reservoir is “not” open to interpretation especially since the shoreline is about 100 yards from the high water mark.

You can rest assured we were on BLM land and followed their rules for dispersed camping. If you are interested in camping where we did (you may not want to after reading the balance of this entry) you can find the section of BLM land via and navigate their on your own OR you can set up your base camp at the Bynum Reservoir Fishing Access Site which has campsites for $12 per night, $7 per night if you have a Montana Fishing license.

With that bit of disclosure out of the way, I can share the adventure we experienced at camp.

To read the full story in RV Life Magazine, click here.

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