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RV Life Magazine: How we plan our roadtrip adventures

From the writers at RV Life Magazine.

Now that winter is setting in, snowbird full-timers like me are doing our best to avoid it. Most of us follow a standard southerly route every year but some of us try to mix it up a little. My husband and I chose the latter when we left Colorado in early October. Instead of taking our usual route to Southern California, we opted to casually meander around Southern Nevada for several weeks, checking out new camping areas that will soon be covered in a blanket of ice and snow.

A few days ago we left our northernmost camping spot near the famous Area 51 and on that morning we had to decide: should we move to a place we wanted to re-visit, even though it was about to get cold? The new spot had a hot springs we loved, but most full-timers with any common sense would flee south. We decided to go to the hot springs when we were about 5 miles down the road. We’ve come a long way.

In our early days of full-timing I tried to plan every day of life on the road. As the primary navigator, Jim leaves it up to me to decide where to go. “I just drive” he likes to say. I would do tons of trip research by scouring online forums, RVers groups and spending far too much time checking out what others thought of RV parks, restaurants and locations. This compulsive planning behavior was time consuming but comforting. “That way we’ll know what to expect!” I said to him whenever we set out for a new destination.

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