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RV Life: Four signs that it’s time to upgrade your RV

From the writers at RV Life.

Choosing your first home on wheels for full-time RVing is daunting. Experienced full-timers are always happy to share their shopping tips like “Buy your last RV first” or “Don’t buy too small,” but you won’t know if it’s a perfect fit until you take the plunge and put some real miles on those wheels. In time you’ll understand if you made the right choice, but eventually you might start to recognize the top four signs that it’s time to upgrade your RV.

Sign #1: Your RV’s first name becomes “stupid.”

Living in a new-to-you rig is like moving in with a romantic partner: you hope your life will be blissful, but you won’t know if you have a future until you experience difficult times together. If you buy a used RV, you’ll quickly find out why the previous owners sold it and if your rig is brand new, you’ll usually discover areas where the manufacturer cut corners. If those issues are all you think about when you’re inside the rig and you begin referring to it as “That stupid RV!” that’s when you know it’s time to go shopping.

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