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RV Life Magazine: Christmas traditions

From the writers at RV Life Magazine.

Do we need to be reminded that Christmas is coming? Of course not. Hopefully, we have survived Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and whatever else is thought up to sell merchandize. I don’t pay a lot of attention to those except to avoid them with great passion.

We decided many, many years ago that we would not share Christmas presents between our families. With my two daughters living roughly 3,000 miles apart, and at that time I was wherever I happened to be in my RV, it was already expensive to send gifts through the mail and it was literally impossible to know what anyone wanted or how it would fit. Instead, every two years for a couple of decades, we more or less tossed a dart at the map, met for a week, and celebrated time together during a nicer time of year than December.

Something I started doing almost from the time I began to full-time RV was to make a montage of our family with a note on it or with it. In the beginning, we had no Internet, no Facebook, and in fact, hardly any telephone communication. It wasn’t that long ago, folks! Anyway, this was my first montage for Christmas 1987. Janet and Bill were building a home in Idaho, Tracey was renting in Virginia, and I was living in my first 25’ Class C and that picture was taken in Washington (Not realizing I would one day live in Washington). Obviously, this was previous to son-in-law Tom, and grandchildren Becca and Will.

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