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RV Life Magazine: Beating the heat

From the writers at RV Life Magazine.

The Pacific Northwest, where I live, just went through a record heat wave. The majority of homeowners (my wife and I included) in this neck of the woods do not have the luxury of air conditioning.

Fortunately, our RV is equipped with one. As the days became warmer and warmer the ability to tough it out in our home became less and less desirable.

Unable to comfortably remain in the house, we finally abandoned it for the air conditioned RV in our driveway. Now our driveway is not the most exciting RV destination, so sitting in it watching our neighbor water his garden became old after the first day.

We needed to take the RV to the lake or up high in the mountains where it would be cooler. Going to a campground was not a good option as they would all be booked up this time of year. That left finding a suitable boondocking location as our best option for beating the heat.

Fortunately, Keechelus Lake on Snoqualmie Pass is located less than 60 miles from our home.

To read the full story by in RV Life Magazine, click here.

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