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RV Life: Full-timing and loving every minute of it

From the writers at RV Life.

When RVers decide to hit the road for good and enjoy the full-timing lifestyle, many will buy a rig that’s packed with all the comforts of a sticks and bricks home. However, some full-timers like Kyle and Olivia believe that bigger isn’t always better and keeping things simple is the way to go.

Last year these two entrepreneurs put their beliefs into action by making the conscious choice to live lightly in a small, paid-for RV. The little 17-foot trailer also serves as headquarters for their new business collecting and selling antique prints.

The Trailer was a No-Brainer

The Alabama couple’s foray into full-timing began when they purchased a 1985 Fiber Stream trailer. Manufactured in Southern California between 1975 and 1986, FiberStream trailers were “the only molded-in-one-piece body, dual axle, sixteen-foot travel trailer made,” according to Their trailer needed some work, but they only paid $3500 for the little egg-shaped home on wheels. What made the purchase a no-brainer was that the FiberStream perfectly matched the towing capacity of their existing 2004 Ford Ranger Edge pickup truck.

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