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RV Life - facing inferno

RV Life: Facing the inferno

From the publishers of RV Life:

This was just not the haze from some distant forest fire we had become accustom to, but a column of billowing smoke directly ahead of us! Since the road wasn’t posted closed, we proceeded assuming the Forest Service would close the road if there was a danger to the public.

However, as our onboard navigation counted down the remaining distance to Big Pine Fishing Access Site, we quickly realized the column of smoke would blot out the sun before we ever reached the intended campsite. The excitement of camping under blue skies was quickly replaced with a concern for our safety. Was the fire headed our way? Could we quickly turn the RVs around if we encountered the fire on a narrow forest service road? Would the campground even be open?

Luckily about that time I noticed small pullouts along the creek side of the road where others had obviously camped in the past. The next opening along the creek was big enough to hold numerous RVs, so I stopped to take a look.

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