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RV Life: Ensure a strong HDTV signal on the road

From the writers at RV Life.

Ensure a strong and reliable signal for your flat screen this year with Winegard’s Rayzar Automatic Antenna, a fully automatic, enhanced dual band antenna designed to provide user-friendly and comprehensive-free HDTV for RVers on the road.

According to the company, the Rayzar utilizes state-of-the-art amplifiers embedded directly at the elements that allows 100 percent of the signal to be amplified, thus eliminating extra noise or static. It also has an ultra-low noise figure of 1.0 dB that’s said to deliver maximum RF gain to receive more channels with little-to-no pixelation or picture loss. Additionally, users will appreciate the enhanced dual band VHF/UHF that ensures the reception of more VHF channels.

To read the full story in RV Life, click here.

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