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RV Life: Checking Tire Pressure

From RV Life Magazine.

One of the simplest, yet most critical—and far too often overlooked—RV maintenance issues is that of checking tire pressure. Even with fuel prices relatively low, we all can stand to see less of the fuel pump. By keeping your RV and tow vehicle tires inflated properly, you can gain as much as a whopping mile per gallon in fuel economy.

But a lot more is at stake: Under-inflation is a leading cause of RV tire failure. An under-inflated tire is a tire that will run hot. Running hot leads to dramatic tire expansion and can result in sidewall blowouts. Tires are expensive, but losing control and blasting Mo-Mo the Motorhome into oncoming traffic can just ruin your whole day.

First check your rig owner manual—it will show the specific recommended tires and their inflation rates. Lacking that, read the data stamped on the sidewall of the tire.

To read the complete column published by Russ and Tine De Maris, click here.

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