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RV Life: Camping in wine country

From RV Life Magazine.

Take strikingly golden hills sculpted by green live oak, fragrant bay, laurel and madrone, drenched in sun during the day and kissed by cooling ocean fog at night. Add picturesque winding roads that follow river bottoms past acre upon acre of vines heralding the tasting rooms of wineries that produce a few hundred to thousands of cases each year.

Throw in fantastic restaurants and some of the best campgrounds you’ve ever plugged into, and you’ve got only a taste of what’s available when you set a course to explore California’s wine country and linger over a bottle of pinot, zin, cab or whatever suits your palate.

Touring this state’s wine-producing districts—and for this article, we’ll concentrate on just four of at least 46 counties making great wines here—is a treat to the palate and the eye, from the moment you pull into a winery parking lot, to the anticipation of that first sample pour, and the smug satisfaction of knowing that the wine you walk out with to serve your friends back home may not be available anywhere else.

The problem many run into, however, is choice. With more than 400 wineries in Sonoma County alone, and more than 400 in Napa too, where to start? How do you narrow this mind-boggling search that otherwise would leave anyone frustrated, possibly confused, and certainly parched? We’ll tell you how we did it, and share some of the favorite places we visited during a seven-week trip.

To read the complete column published by Bill Semion, click here.

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