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RV Life: Blanchard Springs Caverns in Arkansas

From a writer at RV Life.

Recently, Lee and I took our six-year-old great-grandson Timothy on a day trip to Blanchard Springs Caverns in the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest, located about 50 miles north of our home in north central Arkansas. Timothy had never been inside a cave. We tried to prepare him for the vast darkness, the dampness, and the ghostly sensation of walking along a path around dimly-lit rock shapes. We could not. He had no reference point.

Timothy excitedly accepted our invitation, yet, he expressed anxiety. After purchasing tickets, we had time to go into the Water Works Museum and view exhibits about the cave and its wildlife. Still, a simulated cave wall does not give the true picture of the inside of an underground cavern. After our tour, we watched the movie “The Amazing World Below,” which re-emphasized some of the concepts we learned while in the cave.

At the appointed time for our tour of the Dripstone Trail, an elevator swooshed us down 216 feet below the earth’s surface.

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