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RV Life: Where are America’s multicultural full-time RVers?

From the bloggers at RV Life.

Freedom is in the air and there’s no better way to show your independence than hitting the road as a full-time RVer. This weekend as I celebrate the liberating spirit of this great lifestyle, I also wonder why the full-time RVers I see on the road don’t seem to look like the melting pot of America.

Despite the growing numbers of ethnically diverse weekend campers being reported on by the RV industry, I just don’t see too many multicultural full-time RVers.

Few things in our world stay consistent through the years, but there’s something that hasn’t changed since I hit the road in 2007. Almost every full-time RVer I’ve met appears to fit the same full-timer demographic as the last 30 years. They are mostly white, affluent and retired. This is just my impression so I’m looking to you, dear reader, to give me a reality check.

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