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RV Family Travel Atlas: Checking things off the to-do list

From the bloggers at RV Family Travel Atlas.

Sitting around has never been our strong suit.

Actually, scratch that. We love to sit around, but our kids don’t let us do it in peace.
So we have taken advantage of the bitter cold temperatures and checked off a few items that have been on our to do list.

1. Get a dog. This has been a long time coming, but after an exhausting search, we are happy to announce that we found the most perfect dog ever in the history of the universe. Maggie has been with us for only a couple of weeks, but we are all head over heals in love. Seriously, the boys gave her more Valentines than they gave us.

2. Set up an actual podcast studio. This has been a long time coming as well. We have produced over 100 episodes of podcasts by dragging out and setting up equipment after all the little cherubs are in bed. Well, our DIY podcast studio is finally up and running. And it feels so good.

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