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RV Family Travel Atlas - Restocking the RV

RV Family Travel Atlas: Restocking through the season

From the bloggers at RV Family Travel Atlas:

About a year ago, I was working on a RV packing article and reached out to some well-traveled acquaintances for their best tips. One of the greatest pieces of advice came from a friend of mine who spends a ton of time on the road as a touring musician.

Allie told me that she always restocks her toiletries kit right away when she gets home from a trip. This way she knows exactly what she is low on and isn’t scrambling around and forgetting things before she leaves on her next trip.

Brilliant and simple, right? How many of us forget what we were running out of by the time we are ready to go camping again? I have found myself making countless trips out to the RV to see if I need paper plates, tin foil, or toothpaste. This is a huge waste of time, especially when the items are already there.

This summer I found myself thinking of how to apply this tip to restocking the RV. I even made an infographic, for crying all night!

To see RV Family Travel Atlas’ infographic on stocking the family RV, click here.

To listen to their podcast on how to stock up for a season of RVing, click here.


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