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RV-Camping: RV camping checklists

From the bloggers at RV-Camping.

Many of the items you take on your RV camping trip are different for everyone. Different outdoor recreation plans will necessitate some specific items, but this extensive list provides just about everything you should need for general RV camping anywhere. We recommend that you pick what you want from this list to make your own list of needed RV camping items.

Here are a few things from the Bed & Bath Checklist

First Aid Kit – Make it a good one!
Sleeping bags
Bed comforter/blankets
Pillows and pillow cases
Hand lotion and soap
RV Holding Tank Chemicals
Insect repellent spray and pest strips
Face Cloths
Lip balm
Beach Towels
Tissues and wet wipes
Suntan lotion
Mouse traps
Toiletry kit

To read the full story by RV-Camping, click here.

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