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RV Boondocking: Solar power for your RV

From the bloggers at RV Boondocking.

For those who haven’t experienced boondocking, a question often pops up: “Where do you get the stuff you need to make your trip fun, and not a bunch of misery sitting around a candle every night when the sun goes down?” For the boondocker, electricity has to come from somewhere. For some, a mechanical fossil fuel-fired generator is the answer. Others find solar or even wind power a happier alternative. Solar and wind power are quiet and the “fuel” costs are free.

In general, solar panels and wind generators produce low voltage direct current that charges your RV batteries. The batteries store the power up for use when needed–even when the solar panels or wind generators aren’t producing power.

What about “shore power” devices like microwave ovens, computers, or televisions? Most of these can be operated from stored battery power through the use of an inverter, which changes DC battery power into alternating current power that’s palatable to your shore power equipment.

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