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RV-A-Gogo: Beautiful Belfast, Maine

From the bloggers at RV-A-Gogo.

Venture along Maine’s famed coastal Route 1 to the northern Penobscot Bay and you will pleasantly find the charming town of Belfast.  Perched on the sea and flanked by forests the town has been shaped by shipbuilders and seafarers, farmers and foodies, and bankers and tourists.

With a long history dating back to 1765, the tides of change are evident in the preserved downtown where old bank buildings are now white table cloth restaurants and clapboard wharf buildings are breweries.

The town was abandoned during the War of 1812 while the British occupied Belfast and then burned it upon departure. But the seaport town rebuilt and thrived as a shipbuilding center producing hundreds of schooners.

Materials for the ships came just up the river from Bangor where there was a continuous supply of wood. As the shipbuilders business thrived, they built large Federal and Greek Revival mansions and shops which have been lovingly restored and stand proud today.

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