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RV-A-Gogo: 2016 spring and summer travel plans

From the bloggers at RV-A-Gogo.

Wow, time flies.  March 2016 marks the passing of our fifth year being full-time RVers!

Hmmm….wait….whatever happened to the “we may do this for a year or two” philosophy?  Many of you full-timers can relate – you get on the road and don’t want to come off.  What started as an exciting plan to “see the country” at a rapid pace has now turned into a comfortable nomadic lifestyle.  Yes, we’ve traded moving spots every four to five days in favor of spending extended time in particular places but we still love having wheels so we can roll our house into new and interesting places.

So as the spring flowers start to bloom, the birds look like they are ready to migrate north, we start thinking about our plans. Within a week, we will say goodbye to friends, take a final walk on the beach and start our northerly trek.

First up, Arkansas.  Arkansas is a state that we have not spent any time in since we have been RVing.  Which is too bad because I have family there and it is a darn beautiful state. Hot Springs, Fort Smith, Bentonville, and who knows where else will be on the agenda. Between the natural scenery, soothing waters flowing in historic baths, and museums ranging from a world acclaimed art museum, the home of Walmart, the birth place of Daisy air guns and more our days will be busy. To make it all the more fun on this leg of our trip we will be traveling with some good friends that recently bought a vintage 1970’s Airstream and are looking for some outdoor camping adventures.

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