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We’re the Russos: Things to do in Sedona

From the bloggers at We’re the Russos.

Sedona Arizona is one of the most popular destinations in the United States. People from all around the world travel there to enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape and experience the healing powers of the vortex. If you’re thinking about heading to Sedona, you are in for a treat. The area is separated into Uptown and West. Uptown Sedona is where the majority of tourist shops and restaurants are located. West Sedona is the quieter and less touristy part of town. We’ve enjoyed our visits and these are our favorite things to do in Sedona.

There are star gazing tours all over town or you can get lost in the milky way for free like we did. Before you head out, look up where the milky way rises and roughly where it will be. We enjoyed free star gazing from the Bell Rock parking lot. This is also the one of the starting points for an easy hike to Courthouse Butte.

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