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Russ on the Road: Sorry Burt, it’s over between us

From the bloggers at Russ on the Road.

This is my blog, created to regale you with tales of my RVing adventures. So, what does lip balm have to do with RVing? you ask. Everything… nothing. Depends on your point of view. For me, RVing means going to beautiful places in nature. Sometimes it’s cold and windy up in the mountains and my lips tend to get dry and chapped. Sometimes it’s hot and dry in the desert and, well, my lips tend to get dry and chapped. Either way, I’m a balm-aholic. I never leave home without it.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer not to put petrochemicals or other icky stuff on my lips and many commercial lip balms have all kinds of ingredients I can’t pronounce and would rather avoid. Many of them have menthol which makes my lips burn. On top of that, the stuff can be pricey. A recent web search for Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm, the stuff I’d been using, unearthed prices well over $3.00 a tube in many cases.

The net weight of those little tubes (pretty much regardless of brand) is .15 oz. It would take nearly 107 tubes of the stuff to add up to a pound. If you multiply $3.00 times 107 in order to find out how much commercial lip balm costs per pound, well, its $321.00! Holy crap! Admittedly, to use 107 containers of lip balm might require something akin to a lifetime, but still, $321 a pound!

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