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Roving Reports by Doug P: Renfro Valley Kentucky

From the bloggers at Roving Reports by Doug P.

Hal Rogers Parkway, formerly known as the Daniel Boone Parkway still goes through the Daniel Boone forest and all those Appalachian Mountains.  The parkway’s name was changed because Hal Rogers got the funding through congress, forget about the historical names that make up the area.

Well, it must have cost a fortune to build the mostly two lane parkway through the mountains.  What stunning views as the road travels up and over those ancient Appalachian chain, the oldest mountain range in the continental U.S.  With every rise and fall through deep valleys and heavily forested mountains the roadway was forged through solid rock.  Shear walls of stone cleaved through each mountain pass creating solid canyon like walls on either side of the highway.

I’ve arrived in Renfro Valley home to the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame and of course the Renfro Valley Entertainment Center.  They’ve been enjoying live music in the Old Barn Theater since 1939 and I’m sure to be able to catch a few great shows while here as well.

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