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The roof saga continued: The RV side of things

This blog is written from the perspective of our RV:

In March I told you about what happened to my roof when my owners drove through 70 mph crosswinds. I lost my antennae, air conditioner cover and a panel of my roof. I was so embarrassed to be so exposed!

My owners promptly filed an insurance claim to make the necessary repairs, only to have the claim denied.

Cathy = roof 2The insurance company, whose spokesperson is Flo, said there was a manufacturer defect in the roof. My owners contacted the Winnebago manufacturing company where I was born and they were told that I had no defects. One call to the insurance company and the story changed. Now my owner was told that he did not maintain the recommended maintenance on my seams.

I find it ironic that if someone files a false insurance claim, it is called insurance fraud but the insurance company can make false statements, not pay out claims, and get away with it. Isn’t that insurance fraud, too? I was just as livid as my owner!

I know my owner takes good care of me, he caulks my seams approximately every six-months so I have not had any leaks.

Bottom line, the claim for the antennae and air conditioner cover was approved but the roof was not. The total approved for repairs was $542.57, minus their $500. 00 deductible, the insurance company check was $42.57. Any bets that my owner’s insurance premium goes up after this claim?

My owner ordered a new air conditioner cover for me and then used UV protective poly sheeting and silicone to repair my roof. Unfortunately, my owners have to wait to repair the antennae so they cannot watch TV for now.

When all is said and done, I received a new roof without help from the insurance company. I hope you never find yourself as exposed as I was and I hope if it does happen, your owners have an insurance company with more integrity than the one my owners have.

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