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Ron, Tippy & Treky: Welcome to Florida

From the bloggers at Ron, Tippy & Treky

Tippy says, :Yeah, we’re here. Look at those Palm trees behind the sign – Yeah Florida.”

On our way to Florida, guess where we had breakfast – Yep – McDonald’s – Egg McMuffin & a large coffee with two splendas in it.  We are creatures of habit I guess.  I share the Egg McMuffin with Tippy.

One thing I have learned traveling the last five years is that sometimes the McDonald’s cup leaks or I squeeze it too hard – then coffee leaks down on my shirt – usually a clean shirt just put on that morning. So, I pour the coffee from the McDonalds cup into my Flying J mug, that is made from hard plastic, and drink my coffee from there. I think that makes for safer driving too. Pouring the coffee cools it to “just right”. You know, just thinking about it – that’s the way of my life now- Just Right!!

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