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Ron, Tippy, and Treky: Perry, Georgia — Day 2

From the bloggers at Ron, Tippy and Treky.

More folks are arriving daily.  Treky is the fourth from the left behind the post.  These are the “no water, no electricity, no sewer, no problems” sites.

Those who wanted electrical hookups are parked out front.

Trams are provided to ride members to and from the main seminar and shopping areas; however, we are parked so close that I prefer to walk.

Every afternoon, some of us gather around to talk about the day’s activities.  No politics allowed.

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and one of our members dressed the part and participated in the RV parade that marched and drove through the campsites.

To read the full story by Ron, Tippy and Treky, click here.

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