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Rolling in a RV: Fintry Provincial Park

From the bloggers at Rolling in a RV.

James C. Dun-Waters, a wealthy Scotsman, bought 1,174 acres of land in 1909 along a remote stretch of Okanogan Lake and built a self sufficient estate with apple orchards, a packing house, a cattle barn and a Pelton waterwheel to provide electricity. The property became part of Fintry Park in 1995. The manor house is opened for tours but the hours seem to be haphazard.

The house is not accessible due to steps inside and out.

For RV and car parking follow the signs to the manor house and park in the gravel lot. A path leads to the house.

The park also has a campground and beach. One of my favorite traveling families has decided to settle down for awhile and landed a sweet job as park managers.

To read the full story by Rolling in a RV, click here.

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