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Rock Springs, Wyo. — The heart of the untamed west

Rock Springs, Wyo., is a small city of 23,000 people located half way between Salt Lake City, and Cheyenne, Wyo. It is a rustic area featuring mountains, a scenic river drive and untamed horses. We had the opportunity to spend several months in the area as work campers at the Rock Springs/Green River KOA.

The horses are located along the Pilot Butte scenic loop, one of the most beautiful drives in the state.  Click here for more information about the loop and recommendations to get the most out of the drive.

I recommend starting the loop on the Green River side, as that is only a couple miles from the nearby KOA campground.  From the top, you can look down and see all of the RVs way down at the KOA.  We had fun pointing out our home on wheels to our kids.  Even more fun was seeing the wild horses up close and personal. It was an exceptional experience we won’t soon forget.

Just outside of Rock Springs is a wild horse holding facility.  You can view the horses that have been rounded up, read about how and why they are rounded up, and even adopt one if you have the means to care for a horse.

It is very cool to see the horses and be able to learn more about them.  More information about the facility is located at

Flaming Gorge Reservoir is a beautiful, huge lake just minutes from the KOA.  It is extremely popular for trout fishing, boating, and swimming.  My father had visited Flaming Gorge Reservoir long before I was born, as part of a fishing trip.  I thought it was neat to be able to visit an area he had been to many years before.

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We drove the entire Flaming Gorge loop, which takes you into Utah to a dam where we did a free tour and fed fish at the bottom of the dam. Then, we drove back around the west side of the lake into Wyoming again.

Along the loop are viewpoints with breathtaking views off of cliffs, places to see wild animals, and picnic spots.  You can get more information on the loop, which takes three to four hours to complete, at the Green River Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center in nearby Green River, Wyo.

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Rock Springs has a new facility called the Rock Springs Family Recreation Center.  It is simply amazing.  The focal point for us was the indoor aquatic section of the center.  There is a large splash pad that also has a smaller warm water pool for the little tots.

This is attached to a lazy river, with a pool to the side that has two fast, huge water slides emptying into it.  There is also a large lap pool with a big hot tub in the adjacent area. My kids loved everything about the water attractions.

I have to confess that my husband and I put the kids in the provided child care for an hour, and spent it floating around the lazy river and going down the water slides over and over!  It was a blast!

The recreation center also has a large ice rink, a running track, multiple rooms full of exercise equipment, private men and women’s hot tubs and saunas in the locker rooms, racquet ball courts, a child care room that is very reasonably priced and even exercise classes.  It is a wonderful recreation facility, and I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the area for more than a couple days.

We had a lot of fun at the KOA and made friends there that we are looking forward to seeing again.  The RV park is perfect for a quick overnight stop, but is also a pleasure to stay at for a longer visit.  It is not a fancy RV park, but it has all of the basics delivered in a clean, affordable way, along with some fun extras that one would not expect to find at an RV park in a small town in Wyoming. For more information about the campground, visit

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