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Roadtreking: You can go home again – How our Roadtrek RV ended up back where it was made

From the bloggers at Roadtreking.

You generally think of people in customer service as either pretending to be or happy in their jobs or not happy and not caring who knows it. I met someone, actually “a bunch of someones” who represent a third type: folks happy to do their jobs and so pleasant in them that you, as a customer, are pleased to deal with them.

Leo, a service manager at Roadtrek Motorhomes, just plain makes you smile. Bespectacled, slightly graying, and wearing a genuine smile, he is pleased to meet you. And all his efforts are to be sure you are satisfied with the service he and his team offer. He listens to your concerns, asks pertinent questions until you and he are certain he understands the problem. He doesn’t pander to you via some rehearsed script or forced company policy. He genuinely cares about you as person and a Roadtrek customer and works to solve the issue or problem at hand. Within minutes we felt like members of the Roadtrek family.

We have a Roadtrek 210, the Class B motorhome which bears the iconic three portals above the windshield, a sleek fiberglass hull built on a Chevrolet 3500 Heavy Duty extended van and all manner of convenience engineered into a wonderfully drivable castle.

My Roadtrek is 10 years old, and I am its fifth owner. It is in beautiful shape but it had two problems, and while I am a Do-It-Yourselfer, these had stymied me and I finally chose to seek expert professional help. I had tried both a resident RV guru in St. Petersburg Fla., and the nearby GMC dealership. After three visits to each, bouncing back and forth like a ping pong ball, I ended up replacing one of GM’s proudest products—its 145-amp alternator. A BIG money item.

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